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Mick and Karen Cheff are excited to announce that after 54 years of Outfitting they are retiring. They are proud and excited to say that the business has stayed in the family, with 2 of their sons and a grandson taking over the outfitting business. All three have spent their lives working and guiding for Mick and Karen and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience with them. Matt Cheff (son), has taken over the Gordon Camp, and is operating as MT Bob Marshall Wilderness Cheff Outfitters. Mark Cheff (son), has taken over the Holbrook Camp and is operating as 406 Wilderness Outfitters. Micky Cheff (Grandson), has taken over the Bartlett Camp and is operating as, Bob Marshall Legacy Outfitters.


The Cheff Family has been in the outfitting business for 86 years, starting with Bud Cheff Sr. in 1932 and then Mick Cheff Sr. taking over in 1979, and now Matt, Mark and Micky at the reins. The Cheff family, is one of the longest outfitting families in Montana. We are proud of our legacy as exceptional outdoorsman and professional guides.


For the last 85 years we have helped people reach their outdoor experiences and goals, and to connect to the beauty and splendor of the wilderness.  We are excited to continue the family legacy and share our knowledge and experience with you all. Welcome to a new generation of Cheff’s Outfitting.

Bob Marshall Wilderness Fishing Trips

2018 Trip Schedule

Licensing & Permits

Bob Marshall Wilderness 

Click on Map to Look around the wilderness.

Millions of acres of pristine rivers, streams, forests, peaks, and waterfalls await. Click the map to your right to scratch the surface on all there is to do in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

Wilderness Accomodations

Well trained & Forgiving Stock

Featuring Tennessee Walkers for a smooth and comfortable ride, Cheff Ranch stock are well trained and gentle. With years of experience of their own, our horses are quite capable, making even the greenest of backcountry horsemen feel like a pro.



Holbrook Camp

Mark Cheff

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Bartlett Camp

Micky Cheff

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Gordon Camp

Matt Cheff

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Fishing (2 day)..........................$25

Fishing (season).........................$86

2016 Montana Non-Resident License Rates - Typical
Current Year rates, published in January, and additional information can be found at:
Hearty Meals & Comfortable Accomodations

Base Camp at Holbrook Creek.

  • Hot, Delicious Home-style meals every morning and night

  • Sack lunches and snacks to keep you going through out the day

  • Wall tents, cots, shower, and toilets, and  at base camp

  • tents, sleeping pads, chairs, and tables when on the move

Knowledgeable & Experienced Guides

Flyfishing on Horseback.

With over 85 years of experience, Cheff Ranch is one of the oldest outfitting families in Montana. Remaining largely a family affair, Mick Cheff, his sons, and grandsons provide you with a team of licensed, professional guides at your disposal. Deep knowledge of the area will always be close at hand.