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Cheff Guest Ranch & Outfitters Inc.

Horseback riding, Montana fishing, Montana wilderness pack trips, Montana camping trips, Montana guest ranch vacations and quality montana hunting trips. Hunting for Elk, Black Bear, Mountain Lion and more! 

Welcome to the Cheff Guest Ranch. A place where dreams come true.  Come watch as the horses graze in the meadow at sunset, fish in clear mountain lakes, wander through wilderness on horseback, relish in the taste of fresh blackberry pie, and sit by the fire and listen to old stories from Bud Cheff’s pioneer life.  Come join us for a taste of the American west and old fashioned hospitality or simply to relax, put your boots up and enjoy the peace of a true ranch vacation. 

We are one of Montana’s oldest outfitting families. We’ve been serving guests for 76 years and take great pride in our family’s legacy. In 1924, when Bud Cheff Sr. was nine years old, he was invited to go on his first pack trip into what is now the Mission Mountains Wilderness and Bob Marshall Wilderness with Eneas Conko’s family and several other Salish Indian families.  From that first trip, Bud learned to love and respect the mountain wilderness and what it could inspire in those who traveled through it.  Bud and his wife Adelle became wilderness outfitters and started the Cheff Guest Ranch in 1933. Cheff Sr. passed on his love of outfitting and wilderness pack trips to his son Mick and daughter-in-law Karen who now own and run the Guest Ranch with their family.   Their business has grown and given several generations of guests many memorable and exciting experiences in the Montana wilderness. 

Horseback riding, fishing, wilderness pack trips, camping, Guest Ranch vacations and hunting—we have it all!  Our Montana ranch provides the outdoorsy family a wealth of opportunity to spend some quality time together doing something everyone will enjoy.  The Cheff Ranch offers Guest Ranch vacation packages, Summer Wilderness Pack Trips into the Mission Mountain Wilderness and the Bob Marshall Wilderness, and Big Game Hunting Trips into the Bob Marshall Wilderness in the fall.  We also host Weddings, Reunions and Corporate retreats.  We offer horseback riding trips all summer.

Our goal is to give you the Montana vacation that you’ve always dreamed about.

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Customer Testimonials

At Cheff Guest Ranch, we are committed to ensuring your stay exceeds all expectation. We understand the importance of selecting the right outfitter; That's why we want you to have access to what our past clients had to say about our service. Take a look at their comments below.


 My brother Paul, good friend Scott Johnson, and I did the early rifle hunt with the Cheff's in Sep 2012. It was the first hunt of this type we had made, though I have done a drop camp before, and we had no idea how it would really work out. We were all very pleasantly surprised at what a courteous and professional operation the Cheff's run. I only saw two of their three camps but have no doubt they all provide the excellent accommodations and food that we experienced.
The weather was unseasonably hot, but we hunted the deep pockets and had that wonderful experience of witnessing the elk bugling symphony first hand. Scott bagged a great Montana 6 point and Paul and I had opportunities that either didn't quite work out or we passed up for a better one. I was particularly impressed that there was no pressure to bag an elk to keep the stats up or get the hunt over with. We continued the hunt to the last day and our guide cheerfully persevered in our pursuit.
The fishing was excellent, the scenery phenomenal and the staff was excellent. They took care to get Scott's animal dressed, quartered and hung as rapidly as possible to avoid loss in the heat. The livestock was well cared for and well mannered. In fact I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and condition of the Cheff's riding and packing stock. They took great pains to ensure that the horse and saddle matched the rider and rotated stock to keep mounts fresh and ready.
Most importantly, Mick Cheff knows how to manage an outfit. He circulated among his camps and kept an eye on things on a daily basis. He also filled in as guide or assistant as need be and led by example. His sons are showing great promise of being able to maintain the tradition. I thoroughly intend to repeat the experience in the not too distant future.

Rick Nelson
Steilacoom, WA

Phone: (253) 722-7065

Hunting 2012

  We were extremely pleased to have Mick, Karen, and Matt Cheff on our pack trip in July of 2008. The Cheffs operate a very organized, efficient, and well-planned outdoor vacation adventure.  Between the spectacular views, the home made smells from the kitchen tent, and the feel of a well traveled saddle beneath me, I was in heaven.  I have no reservations in recommending the Cheff family to anyone who is looking for the adventure of a lifetime. My group consisted of my partner, friends and family... from age 11 to 50-something. The Cheffs made everyone feel part of the group and made sure all of our needs were met, paying particular attention to everyone's diverse riding abilities as well as what we enjoyed doing when we were out of the saddle.  From finding a good fishing hole in the South Fork of the Flathead, to relaxing in a quiet spot with a good book or learning history from one of the oldest Ranger Stations in the state of Montana, we were thoroughly engrossed and content.  Mick has a great sense of confidence that put us all at ease even before we took our first step up into the stirrups.  Karen made all the girls in our camp want to ride harder and longer and we all loved playing Black Magic and listening to her stories around the campfire.  Matt is the consummate cowboy with his skills and knowledge. He was always there to teach and offer advice (like a new way to tie on your saddlebags and rain gear). He was always conscientious of the group and made sure our travels were safe, enjoyable, and at a pace that allowed us to appreciate the incredible horses we were on as well as the scenery of the amazing Bob Marshall Wilderness.  We always look forward to the next time we pass under the sign that reads "Welcome to Cheff Ranch".
Mick Burlington
Livingston, MT

  Dear Mick & Karen,
Just a few words to express my appreciation for another great trip into the Bob Marshal Wilderness. This was my third trip and they just seem to get better. The hunting is very good, two elk in three trips is not too bad! I found the camp to be "top notch." I took my son in 2007 and he added his wife to our party in 2008. My son killed a nice 6X6 bull and a nice 4x4 whitetail in 2008. Every courtesy was extended to my daughter in-law; she was the only woman in camp. Good food, a shower, tight tents and a group of guides who have the clients interest at heart. I am no cowboy but the horses were even good to me! One last word, of the camps that I have hunted the Cheff camp is the only one I have ever been in where grace is offered over the meals and the only camp where there was never a vulgarity expressed. For a young person, a woman, or even an old guy like myself the Cheff's run a five star operation. Thanks for every consideration.

Vallejo, California

  Packing into the Bob was the best father son bonding trip I could ever of hoped for. Four yrs later my sons still talk about it.
Brian Sabbath
Phone: 207-667-8872

  I have enjoyed my many fishing trips made with Cheff family I think they are the best.
Garnet Turner
Montgomery, al
Day Phone: (800) 528-1512
Night Phone: (800) 528 1512


  We had the good fortune to happen upon the Cheff Guest Ranch a few years ago and have been coming back ever since.   Having visited many ranches in the west, the Cheff Ranch was truly a magical experience steeped in history of many generations. When you do go back, which you will, it's like coming home.

George and Kathy Laven
Miami, FL


  The Smith family would like to recommend the Cheff Guest Ranch & Outfitters as a "one of a kind" vacation destination.  We have been there on summer family fishing trips and also on their fall hunting trips. This June, we are going to the Cheff ranch for a family reunion with our four children and their spouses, and our 10 grandchildren.  We are looking forward to letting our grandchildren experience life on a western ranch and doing some horseback riding.  The Cheff family has always gone out of their way to insure a memorable trip in the beautiful Montana wilderness.  Each trip has been a success, not just in fish caught or game taken, but in priceless memories made with family and new friends.  We encourage everyone to experience Montana with the Cheff family.


Bob "Smitty" and Karen Smith and family

Strongsville, Ohio
Phone: (440) 572-2772


  It is truly a unique and exhilarating experience to hunt Elk, Deer and other game in the wilderness with the Cheffs and their crew.  Mick, Karen and family are hardworking, honest folks, who do their utmost to insure a quality hunt and more importantly a great overall wilderness experience in some of the most beautiful country imaginable.  Having hunted with the Cheffs almost every season of the last 25 years or so, I have come to greatly admire them. They are fine people.  Regardless of the number of times I manage to return to their hunting camps I am still in complete awe of the unspoiled beauty of the area.


Mario Chiesa Dearborn, Michigan
Phone: (313) 277-1967


  Hi Karen,

Roger and I are happy to provide a testimonial about the wonderful trip we took with your family and staff into the Bob Marshall Wilderness during the summer of 2008. We were most impressed with the friendly, knowledgeable guides who were extremely attentive to both the safety and comfort of each member on our trip. Our limited riding experience posed no problem thanks to the patient staff and well trained stock provided during the trip. We appreciated the extra time guides took to stop frequently for personal comfort.
The flexibility to choose from a variety of activities once we arrived at base camp allowed us to ride as often as we wanted or just nap in a hammock and read a book for the day:-) Successful fisherman had their catch prepared to be added to the wonderful meals. The food provided throughout the trip was both delicious and plentiful. Who knew we would get ice cream and cake on the trail?

The breathtaking scenery provided spectacular photo opportunities and memories which will last a lifetime.
Feel free to list us as references.

Roger and Cassie Wells
Phone: (907) 841-5639

  I have had the pleasure of knowing the Cheff family for over 20 years.  The majority of the horseback/fishing trips have been to the South Fork of the Flathead in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.  In fact, all of the trips the past 20 years have been on the South Fork.  We normally have between 8 to 10 fishermen and we’ve had a core group of five to six guys that have been on every trip.  The reason is quite simply, the breathtaking beauty of the Bob Marshall and the unbelievable cutthroat trout fishing.  In the early years, Mick Cheff, would take us on horseback up and down the river to the best fishing spots.  The food was always as good as the fishing!!  The past few years, we have brought our own Bucks Bags pontoon boats and floated some 60 miles of the river over seven days, staying in wall-tented permanent camps, set up by the Cheffs for our convenience and comfort.  Enjoying a cold beverage or a glass of wine while dinner is being prepared after a great day of floating and fishing is a great way to end the day.
We have gotten to know and appreciate Matt and Monte Cheff who have taken over the day to day trip responsibilities.  Matt takes care of the stock and Monte does the cooking.  His mother taught him well!  The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree – they are wonderful young men.
As our group approaches the twilight of our business and professional careers, we continue to look forward to many more trips into the “Bob” with the Cheff family.  Our experience with the Cheff family has been one life’s greatest experiences.
Jim O'Connel
Spokane, WA
Phone: (509) 838-2545

  After a long day of travel from the East coast, the final turn to Cheff Ranch brought anticipation and excitement.  The ranch was more picturesque than the pictures we had seen—situated at the base of mountains with lush, green pastures in the foreground.  The main house, abounding with hunting trophies and memorabilia, immediately revealed a sense of family.  There were plenty of Cheffs to be found at the ranch!  We experienced great meals at friendly tables, great guided scenic horseback rides, great cowboying opportunities, great adventure packages for the taking, and great leisure time.  It was not hard to feel welcome and enjoy the experience of ranch life at the Cheff Ranch.
Andi Pedigo,
Summer 2008

  I brought a group of painters to the Cheff Ranch in the summer of 2008 - it was a magical week.  Situated up against the Mission Mountains the landscape is breathtaking and the accommodations were relaxing and comfortable. The Cheffs were extremely flexible with our unique needs as artists. There were easy fieldtrips around the valley to deepen our experience. But the most memorable part of the trip is the atmosphere of the ranch itself - hard to put into words but I don't know any other place like it. There is a coexistence and integration of family values and Western rugged individualism, of peace and contemplation with hard work and action, of modern life with ancient Tribal traditions, of serious concern with intense silliness. The gracious welcoming generosity of Karen and Mick Cheff and their extended family creates a space that is hard to leave and that one dreams of going back to. It is centered and real, easily accessible - don't miss it! To have so much fun, surrounded by so much beauty, while being so well taken care of is just an amazing experience.
Patty Van Dyke
Ojai, California

   Cheff Outfitters provided a great 7 day hunting experience. We started by meeting at a designated trail head and greeted by Mark Cheff, a top notch guide of Bob Marshall reserve. Then we were given a proper fitting horse and saddle to begin a journey of 28 miles into the hunting camp.  The mountain wilderness views were spectacular and so many snow capped mountain tops within sight. After arriving at camp, we were greeted by other guides and given our sleeping quarters. We had a nice size tent with 2 cots, wood burning stove, fresh water bucket, and a lantern. All gear was transported from the trail head to camp by way of mule and horses. Evening meals were family style in the mess tent. “Hats off” to the cook who made delicious home cooked recipes that were served nightly and the desserts that were made from scratch were awesome. All mornings came fast with an early verbal” knock knock” from camp help who checked the wood stove and lit the lanterns before we even got out of bed, followed by the cook yelling to all tents “breakfast.” Next, we enjoyed hot coffee and a sit down breakfast. Afterwards, we made  and packed our lunch of assorted cold cuts, fruit juices, apples, snack packs, trail mix and for the sweet tooth, chocolate candies. Now it was time to gather our gear and make our way to the stable area to find our saddle and horse for the day then assigned to a guide who is very knowledgeable of the trails. I really enjoyed the lunch breaks because I knew there was going to be a camp fire to warm us up and help us get through the rest of the day plus it was a great opportunity to take pictures of the amazing Montana scenery. Right after lunch, we continued hunting right where we left off, with the guides continuing to glass for our trophies. A shower with a hot water bag was available after a long day’s ride if you inclined to brave the cold.  My fellow hunters were a great group who were friendly and helpful and helped make the trip a success. I definitely would recommend this hunting trip,  Special thanks to Carm ( Paladin) Mears for making our trips so memorable.Thanks to PG Mick Cheff for finding me my first Montana trophy white tale buck.Thanks to PG Mark Cheff for your impressive guiding and tracking skills.Thanks to Dallas for all your skillful guiding and helpful hunting tips.Thanks to Head Cook Meacy for all of the fantastic meals.
Skip White 
Sunrise, Fl.
Trip Date 10-29-15


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