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Cheff Guest Ranch & Outfitters Inc.

Horseback riding, Montana fishing, Montana wilderness pack trips, Montana camping trips, Montana guest ranch vacations and quality montana hunting trips. Hunting for Elk, Black Bear, Mountain Lion and more! 

Welcome to the Cheff Guest Ranch. A place where dreams come true.  Come watch as the horses graze in the meadow at sunset, fish in clear mountain lakes, wander through wilderness on horseback, relish in the taste of fresh blackberry pie, and sit by the fire and listen to old stories from Bud Cheff’s pioneer life.  Come join us for a taste of the American west and old fashioned hospitality or simply to relax, put your boots up and enjoy the peace of a true ranch vacation. 

We are one of Montana’s oldest outfitting families. We’ve been serving guests for 76 years and take great pride in our family’s legacy. In 1924, when Bud Cheff Sr. was nine years old, he was invited to go on his first pack trip into what is now the Mission Mountains Wilderness and Bob Marshall Wilderness with Eneas Conko’s family and several other Salish Indian families.  From that first trip, Bud learned to love and respect the mountain wilderness and what it could inspire in those who traveled through it.  Bud and his wife Adelle became wilderness outfitters and started the Cheff Guest Ranch in 1933. Cheff Sr. passed on his love of outfitting and wilderness pack trips to his son Mick and daughter-in-law Karen who now own and run the Guest Ranch with their family.   Their business has grown and given several generations of guests many memorable and exciting experiences in the Montana wilderness. 

Horseback riding, fishing, wilderness pack trips, camping, Guest Ranch vacations and hunting—we have it all!  Our Montana ranch provides the outdoorsy family a wealth of opportunity to spend some quality time together doing something everyone will enjoy.  The Cheff Ranch offers Guest Ranch vacation packages, Summer Wilderness Pack Trips into the Mission Mountain Wilderness and the Bob Marshall Wilderness, and Big Game Hunting Trips into the Bob Marshall Wilderness in the fall.  We also host Weddings, Reunions and Corporate retreats.  We offer horseback riding trips all summer.

Our goal is to give you the Montana vacation that you’ve always dreamed about.

 Call Mick & Karen Cheff (406) 644-2557

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Montana Packing and Outfitting Trips, Bob Marshall Wilderness Pack Trips

Summer Wilderness Pack Trips!

Early July brings with it Packing Season, the best time of year for fishing and taking in the majesty of the Montana wilderness.

The Mission Mountains and Bob Marshall Wilderness are home to some of the most beautiful and rugged landscapes in the country. Sights this remote and beautiful can only be seen by foot or on horseback—and we have the perfect wilderness pack trip to get you there. We use gentle saddle horses equipped with comfortable saddles that are custom fitted to each guest before we leave the corrals. After your breathtaking ride into camp, we will serve you a delicious, home-cooked meal and keep you comfortable with our camp accommodations.

Mission Mountain Wilderness Pack Trips

We are the only outfitter permitted to bring guests into the Mission Mountains and can guarantee some of the most pristine and wild scenery you’ve ever experienced, fabulous fishing and beautiful campsites near high mountain lakes. We offer 3-5 day pack trips into the Mission Mountain Wilderness.

Bob Marshall Wilderness Pack Trips

We also offer pack trips into the Bob Marshall Wilderness, which consists of over one million acres of untouched natural beauty. Our Holland Lake Trail can take you in several directions, depending on your taste. Do you want to take in high alpine camps, beautiful mountain lakes, or visit the South Fork of the Flathead River? Whatever you choose, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience. For the shutterbug in you, the scenery will have you snapping pictures at every turn. Along the way, you just might encounter mountain goats, bald eagles, bears, deer, elk, martins, rock chucks, badgers, chipmunks, and some ruffled and blue grouse. When you reach your campsite, you can toss your line into the waters where your skills will be challenged by cutthroat trout.

There are several trails that lead into the Bob Marshall, each one leading to awe-inspiring scenery and world-class fishing. We are lucky to have the only summer outfitter base camp on the South Fork of the Flathead river—an angler’s paradise. There are several different campsites on the South Fork of the Flathead River that we stay at for a day or two layover. We’ll take side trips to Charlotte Park, Pilot Peak, or Big Salmon Lake. Another day or overnight trip will take us to the world-renowned Chinese Wall, the epitome of natural splendor. We usually take a different route on our way home to the Holland Lake corrals, and arrive back between seven to eight days after departure.

If you are looking for a wilderness experience that the whole family will treasure, look no further. We are truly grateful for all of our repeat clients. Once you visit us, we’re confident that you will want to come back again.

Bob Marshall Wilderness 
Full Service - All-Inclusive Trips
Trip Dates Days/Nights Availability Rate/Person 
Springtime in the Bob June 27-July 3  7/6  Open $2520
Scenic Wilderness July 5-9 5/4  FULL $1800
 Chinese Wall/Fishing Trip July 14-21 8/7  6 $2880
 Fisherman’s Paradise July 26- Aug 3  9/8  5 $3240
 High Mountain Adventure August 6-13  8/7  FULL $2880
 Alpine Memories August 15-22  8/7  5 $2880
High Adventure Trip August 24-26 3/2 5 $1080
 Anglers Adventure August 26-Sept.1  7/6 Open $2520
 Autumn in the Bob

September 5-10

 6/5  Open


 *10% Discount for families with children (4 or more from immediate family), Return Guests with Groups of 8 -10 people.

*Rafts are available for  our Full Service Bob Marshall Wilderness Guests for $200 per person extra for the trip

Mission Mountain Wilderness
 Full Service - All-Inclusive Trips
Trip Dates Days/Nights Availability  Rate/Person
Alpine Lakes & High Adventure

July 15 - Aug  31 

3/2 - 5/4 Open $360/day

 *10% Discount for families with children (4 or more from immediate family), Return Guests with Groups of 8 -10 people.

Bob Marshall & Mission Mountain Wilderness Drop Camps
Item Description Rate Cargo
Packer Packer Staff Charge (Up to 8 Animals) $365 n/a
Pack Animal One Pack Animal & Each Additional Animal $265 150#
Riding Horse Charge One Riding Horse $265 1 Person
*Additional Packer Charge Additional Packer Charge for over 8 head of stock $365 n/a
*Alternate Trailhead Charge $20 per Packer, Pack Animal, & Riding Horse $20 n/a
*Raft Charge Additional Per-Raft Charge for large rafts/frames $100 n/a


***Non-Refundable: 50% DEPOSIT REQUIRED TO HOLD A DATE***



**Holland Lake Owl Creek Packer Camp to mouth of Gordon Creek                ** Lodge Pole Trailhead to Headwaters

                                                                                                                         Or any other trailhead other then Owl Creek to mouth

                                                                                                                                          Of the Gordon Creek


  3 RIDERS X $265=              $795                                                   3RIDERS X $285=     $855

  5 PACK STOCK X $265 =$1325                                           5 PACKSTOCK X $285=   $1425

  1 PACKERS X $365=          $365                                                  1 PACKER X $385 =   $385                  

TOTAL                             $2485                                                                 TOTAL          $2665


( UNLESS IT TAKES MORE THEN 8 HEAD OF STOCK  then you would pay for an additional packer for any amount over the 8 head and up to 16 head then if over that you would have to pay for another packer and so forth.





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