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Cheff Guest Ranch & Outfitters Inc.

Horseback riding, Montana fishing, Montana wilderness pack trips, Montana camping trips, Montana guest ranch vacations and quality montana hunting trips. Hunting for Elk, Black Bear, Mountain Lion and more! 

Welcome to the Cheff Guest Ranch. A place where dreams come true.  Come watch as the horses graze in the meadow at sunset, fish in clear mountain lakes, wander through wilderness on horseback, relish in the taste of fresh blackberry pie, and sit by the fire and listen to old stories from Bud Cheff’s pioneer life.  Come join us for a taste of the American west and old fashioned hospitality or simply to relax, put your boots up and enjoy the peace of a true ranch vacation. 

We are one of Montana’s oldest outfitting families. We’ve been serving guests for 76 years and take great pride in our family’s legacy. In 1924, when Bud Cheff Sr. was nine years old, he was invited to go on his first pack trip into what is now the Mission Mountains Wilderness and Bob Marshall Wilderness with Eneas Conko’s family and several other Salish Indian families.  From that first trip, Bud learned to love and respect the mountain wilderness and what it could inspire in those who traveled through it.  Bud and his wife Adelle became wilderness outfitters and started the Cheff Guest Ranch in 1933. Cheff Sr. passed on his love of outfitting and wilderness pack trips to his son Mick and daughter-in-law Karen who now own and run the Guest Ranch with their family.   Their business has grown and given several generations of guests many memorable and exciting experiences in the Montana wilderness. 

Horseback riding, fishing, wilderness pack trips, camping, Guest Ranch vacations and hunting—we have it all!  Our Montana ranch provides the outdoorsy family a wealth of opportunity to spend some quality time together doing something everyone will enjoy.  The Cheff Ranch offers Guest Ranch vacation packages, Summer Wilderness Pack Trips into the Mission Mountain Wilderness and the Bob Marshall Wilderness, and Big Game Hunting Trips into the Bob Marshall Wilderness in the fall.  We also host Weddings, Reunions and Corporate retreats.  We offer horseback riding trips all summer.

Our goal is to give you the Montana vacation that you’ve always dreamed about.

 Call Mick & Karen Cheff (406) 644-2557

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When September rolls around, so, too, does bow-hunting season.  Rifle season opens on September 15th in area #150 for elk, deer, black bear, mountain lion and mountain goat.  Guests can enjoy a hunt of between eight and ten days, with each hunting party consisting of six to eight hunters plus one guide for every two hunters.

We provide trips designed for those interested in elk hunts, deer hunts, bear hunts and mountain lion hunts in MT.  South Fork, Montana has much to offer when it comes to big-game hunts- join us and experience it for yourself!

Elk Hunts South Fork MT, Deer Hunts Montana, Montana Bear Hunts, Mountain Lion Hunts, Big Game Hunts in the South Fork MT

Come prepared!

Hunters should arrive with their personal gear at the starting corrals (located at Holland Lake) on the evening before the trip.  We’ll need to make sure your gear is packed up and ready to go bright and early the next day – no sleeping in, please!  Overnight accommodations are available at the Super 8 Motel located in Condon, Montana.  To book your room, call (406) 754-2688 well in advance to ensure you get a room.

2016 Hunting Dates
RIFLE HUNTS (FULL SERVICE)(4-6 Hunters per Hunt; 1 Guide per 2 Hunters)
Holbrook Camp  Bartlett Creek Camp Gordon Creek Camp
9 Day Trips 9 & 10 Day Trips 8 & 9 Day Trips
Up to 6 Hunters per Trip Up to 4 Hunters per Trip Up to 6 Hunters per Trip
Dates Days Avail. Dates Days Avail. Dates Days Avail.
Sept. 14-22 9  0 Sept. 13-22 10 0 Sept 13-21 9  0

Sept. 25-

Oct. 3

9  2

Sept 24-

Oct 2

9 4

Sept. 25-


8 2
Oct 6-14 9 6 Oct. 5-12 8 6
Oct. 19-27 9 6 Oct. 18-25 8 6
Late Hunts
Oct. 30-Nov. 7 9 6 Oct. 28-Nov. 5 8 6
Nov. 9-17 9 0 Nov. 7-15 9 0

2016 Hunting Rates
Days Rate /Person Deposit
8 Day Trip $4200 $1000
9 Day Trip $4725 $1000
10 Day Trip $5000 $1000
Late Hunts (9 Days) $5100 $1800


Deposit is Non-Refundable and must accompany reservations

One guide for every two-three hunters/One-on-One Add $600 per person to above rates


LICENSE – NON-RESIDENT Big Game Combo 2016 RATE- $1001

(1-elk, 1-deer, fishing and upland game bird)


(1-elk, fishing and upland game bird)


(1-deer, fishing and upland game bird)


You can apply online at:, then go to Online licensing system and follow instructions, pay with a credit card. We can also mail you the applications or you can call Mt. Fish Wildlife & Parks @ 406-444-2950,  and they will mail them to you. If you would like us to double check your paper applications, then we would want you to mail back to us the following: Filled out Application with cashier check to MT Fish Wildlife & Parks for the license fee. We will check them and get them into their Office before March 15th the deadline to assure you of the best possible chance to draw a License. (MT Fish Wildlife & Parks has had several hundred licenses left over each year since they went to a complete draw)

Some of the other costs on non-resident licenses are (2016 Rates)

Mountain Goat- by May 2                    $755 (when you apply $50 non-refundable fee to apply –balance if drawn)

Black Bear- by Aug. 31                        $350

Mountain Lion-by Aug 31                   $320

2-day Non-res fishing                          $25

Season Non-res fishing                       $86

Wolf (purchased 24hr. before hunt)   $50

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