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Cheff Guest Ranch & Outfitters Inc.

Horseback riding, Montana fishing, Montana wilderness pack trips, Montana camping trips, Montana guest ranch vacations and quality montana hunting trips. Hunting for Elk, Black Bear, Mountain Lion and more! 

Welcome to the Cheff Guest Ranch. A place where dreams come true.  Come watch as the horses graze in the meadow at sunset, fish in clear mountain lakes, wander through wilderness on horseback, relish in the taste of fresh blackberry pie, and sit by the fire and listen to old stories from Bud Cheff’s pioneer life.  Come join us for a taste of the American west and old fashioned hospitality or simply to relax, put your boots up and enjoy the peace of a true ranch vacation. 

We are one of Montana’s oldest outfitting families. We’ve been serving guests for 76 years and take great pride in our family’s legacy. In 1924, when Bud Cheff Sr. was nine years old, he was invited to go on his first pack trip into what is now the Mission Mountains Wilderness and Bob Marshall Wilderness with Eneas Conko’s family and several other Salish Indian families.  From that first trip, Bud learned to love and respect the mountain wilderness and what it could inspire in those who traveled through it.  Bud and his wife Adelle became wilderness outfitters and started the Cheff Guest Ranch in 1933. Cheff Sr. passed on his love of outfitting and wilderness pack trips to his son Mick and daughter-in-law Karen who now own and run the Guest Ranch with their family.   Their business has grown and given several generations of guests many memorable and exciting experiences in the Montana wilderness. 

Horseback riding, fishing, wilderness pack trips, camping, Guest Ranch vacations and hunting—we have it all!  Our Montana ranch provides the outdoorsy family a wealth of opportunity to spend some quality time together doing something everyone will enjoy.  The Cheff Ranch offers Guest Ranch vacation packages, Summer Wilderness Pack Trips into the Mission Mountain Wilderness and the Bob Marshall Wilderness, and Big Game Hunting Trips into the Bob Marshall Wilderness in the fall.  We also host Weddings, Reunions and Corporate retreats.  We offer horseback riding trips all summer.

Our goal is to give you the Montana vacation that you’ve always dreamed about.

 Call Mick & Karen Cheff (406) 644-2557

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Guest Ranch

The Cheff Ranch is situated in a picture-perfect mountainside setting, overlooking the breathtaking Mission Valley, where we run cattle and raise our Tennessee Walker studs and 150 head of horses on 15,000 stunning acres.  Guests can choose to take part in the daily routine of our ranch, or embark on an adventure to explore the beautiful surroundings either on horseback or by foot, or go for a dip or a canoe ride in our lake.

Once you arrive, you’ll enjoy accommodations in one of our guest rooms or cabins and you’ll experience the first-rate hospitality that the Cheff Ranch has to offer.  We do our best to make you feel at home, from our delicious ranch-style meals served right in the lodge to packing you an optional picnic lunch for a long excursion to Swartz Lake or Glacier National Park.

And for those days when taking it easy is the goal, you can breathe in some fresh mountain air and the scent of fresh pine and fir trees as you relax on the ranch lawn.  Or take a good book out to the beautiful waterfall located just beyond the guest rooms.  If you fancy yourself a budding angler, you are welcome to catch and release some of the cutthroat trout in our lake.  The Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge is just below us in the valley, where you can enjoy ample opportunities for fishing and bird-watching.

We are a nature and history lover’s paradise.  Minutes away we have Flathead Lake (the largest freshwater lake in the Western United States), the National Bison Range, Ninepipe Museum of Early Montana and the Jesuit Mission in St. Ignatius.  Just a short, online casino two-hour drive away are Glacier National Park and Hungry Horse Dam, both of which are well worth the trip.

We offer several Guest Ranch Vacation Packages. Your full-service week-long package includes lodging, delicious meals, horseback riding, whitewater rafting and much more.

Regular Rates Full Service (Guest Rooms)
Details Rates
Adults - Single $950/person per week
Adults - Couples $900/person per week
Adults Daily $160/person per day
Children (5-12) $780/child per week
Children (5-12) $140/child per day
Children (under 5) FREE

Family Rates - Full Service (Guest Rooms)
Details Rates
Adults $850/person per week
Children $750/child per week
Children (under 5) FREE

We also have two new cabins available for rental, named “The Moose” and “The Bear.”  Both cabins are equipped with kitchens, including dishes, pans, and linens for the bathroom and bedroom linens.  Each cabin also has a cabin, a gas fireplace, and a TV/VCR.  And you can step out onto your cabin’s porch and gaze out upon the beautiful Mission Valley.

Rates - Full Service (Cabins)
Details Rates
Adults - Single $1225/person per week
Adults - Couples $1100/person per week
Adults Daily $200/person per day
Adults - Single $225/person per day
Children (5-12 with parents) $900/child per week
Children (5-12) Daily $150/child per day
Children (under 5) FREE
Family Rates Full Service (by week only)
Details Rates
Adults $1050/person per week
Children (5-12) $850/child per week
Children (under 5) FREE

Bed & Breakfast (B&B rates include nights lodging in the guest house or cabins & a ranch breakfast)

Guest House:
$80 per room up to 2 people in the room. There will be a $15 roll-a-way charge for extra person in the room. Breakfast is $10 extra.

$165 per night Double Occupancy. There will be a $20 per person charge for each additional person, up to 4 people total occupancy.

No Service Option:

Rooms are also available in the guest house with no service for $65 per night for up to two people in the room.

Horseback Riding:
Guided horseback riding can be arranged for all of our bed and breakfast or no-service guests and others not staying at the ranch. Reservations must be made ahead of time.

Horseback Riding
Details Rates
2-hour Ride $55/person
Each Additional Hour $25/person
All Day Rides (Party of 3-7) $155/person

Our ranch has also been the site for many beautiful Ranch Weddings. Our guests enjoy the intimate setting and accommodations that our historic ranch has to offer. We host Montana Ranch Weddings, Corporate Retreats as well as Family Reunions.

Wedding Rates
Details Price
50-100 guests $1500/day ($1850 with Reception)
101-150 guests $1700/day ($2050 with Reception)
151-200 guests $1900/day ($2250 with Reception)
201-250 guests $2100/day ($2450 with Reception)
251-300 guests $2300/day ($2650 with Reception)

No Charge for the Wedding Rehearsal: 7pm – 9pm (if wedding is held at the Ranch)


(INCLUDES: ALL GUEST ROOMS, (wedding night only)


WILL ACCOMMODATE UP TO 16 PEOPLE TOTAL IN ROOMS, MUST MAKE RESERVATIONS PER ROOM AHEAD. (7 bedrooms total-2 people per room, Room #1 has 2-double beds so could have up to 4 people rest of rooms only 2 per room (no-service)


A 50% deposit is required to hold any dates or rooms when booking. You can book the rooms for the full service rate for adults @ $160/person per day and children (5-12) @ $140/person per day includes the following: meals, lodging and horseback riding twice a day for up to two hours each time. You must make reservations ahead of time. If renting rooms with no-service the charge is $70 per night for up to two people per room. A $20 per person charge if more then two people per room.


Other services available at Ranch


2- Furnished cabins (2 person occupancy) can be rented at an additional charge of $150 per night (no-service). There is a $20 per person charge for each additional up to 4 total people per cabin. Make reservations ahead of time for any rooms or cabins.


Other services for Guest not staying at the Ranch available:


Horseback riding: $50/person for a 2 hour guided ride (Reservations required for all rides)


$25/person for each additional hour


Day Rides: (depart at 9 am & include a sack lunch) ---$150/person



Required by wedding party the following:


*reception must be over by 1:00 AM

*set up and decorating for your wedding*(morning of wedding day, not before!)

*renting of tables, chairs and tents, etc.*

*linens and china coffee pots, drink coolers, etc.*

*catering services* (for wedding reception) need their own coolers or heating equipment

*clean up by noon the following day after wedding*

* renting of port-a-potties* ( 4 required with 2 wash stations)

*bring garbage cans and bags and haul away of all garbage from wedding*



Cheff Guest Ranch & Outfitters, Inc.

30888 Eagle Pass Trail, Charlo, MT 59824, phone:  406-644-2557


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